On our own behalf: Launch of the website latvia-online.eu with content on the subject of the Baltic States – Estonia / Latvia / Lithuania

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 22. März 2020 von Birk Ecke

The domain birk-ecke.de has been online for exactly 20 years. Over the years, the website had been developed from a small static website to a blog with a wide range of information and several hundred articles on photography, photo software, business, politics and information on IT. Information about the Baltic States of Estonia, Lithuania and especially Latvia had been taken an important place on birk-ecke.de. To make the range of information clearer, the domain latvia-online.eu has been online since today. All information on the Baltic States can now be found there.

It will take a few days for the search engines to search and index latvia-online.eu. I ask for your patience and understanding. With the launch of latvia-online.eu there are also some technical improvements. A significantly more powerful server with a modern file system and more powerful databases was purchased. Blog posts are cached in html and gzip format in order to increase delivery time from server to client. The content is provided worldwide via Cloudflare’s powerful content delivery network – this naturally applies to the domains birk-ecke.de and harz-saale.de. Of course, the content from the server to the client is encrypted end-to-end.

If you find your way around the domains birk-ecke.de and harz-saale.de, you will not find any differences to latvia-online.eu. The design of all three websites is identical except for the coloring. The menus are arranged in the same position and in the same order. I hope that you find the information on latvia-online.eu interesting and that you remain loyal to it.

Switch to the domain latvia-online.eu in a new tab or window:


Image: Screenshot from the newly launched website latvia-online.eu. Please click on the image to enlarge it.

Image: Screenshot from the newly launched website latvia-online.eu.
Please click on the image to enlarge it.


External Links:

Latvia Online – The portal with information about the Baltic States Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania (dt / en)


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